To gloss over sexual violence on children is to allow for its perpetration

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NEW DELHI  — A 10-year-old Indian girl who was raped by an uncle, and then lost her legal battle to have an abortion, gave birth on Thursday to a girl. Read the full  article at

While I  am not perpetuating abortion, I grieve for the pain to both mind and body inflicted on one so young.  Rape is less a sexual act, than it is the infliction of a violent act upon the vulnerable. This traumatized child may resort to a  prison of self  isolation while the perpetrator of this heinous crime perhaps receives  a mere slap on the wrist.  I am sad to say that such a society should be classified as an enabler.

(by Ingrid Rizzolo Author of Splendor from Ashes)

14 thoughts on “To gloss over sexual violence on children is to allow for its perpetration

  1. Wow…I did not hear of this news. Sadly this bring into debate whether abortion is an option. Such a touchy subject and for the girl who isn’t yet in her teens to bare child birth is robbing her of her own childhood.


  2. Oh we should definitely NOT ignore this. I’ve heard about this happening too many times. My brother who works at the emergency room of a hospital says it happens too often with kids coming into the hospital with their parents because a family member or relative raped them. Sounds horrific that there is not enough awareness of this because it’s been happening for decades or even centuries I’m sure!


  3. Thank you so much for being a champion for this child. This is such an important issue that is discussed nowhere near enough and we need more people like you shedding a light on tragedies like this.


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