Gender and Differences in Self-Perception

There seems to be a gendered difference between how men and women perceive of the self. When I was growing up the relationship between husbands and their wives was not quite unlike a relationship between a parent and a child. Men then like my father, were like the little god of their homes upon whom, for the most part, wife and children attended.

Many of the women seemed to have internalized models of societal valuing of their gender. Women were normed into accepting and internalizing certain presorted roles as the unquestionable the default. In the norming process the self-esteem of these women may have become seriously compromised with a consequent devaluation of their worth.  Not only this but relations on both sides of the gender divide became suspect in respect to the ways they expected to be treated. The term objectification comes to mind which is accepting and subsequently reflecting views of the self, inflicted unto a person by society.

I think that  taken to extremes, inflicted differences in men’s perception of the self and of the woman as other, may account for the reason some men abuse women and some women accept it. But how can we crack the code when there seems to be cross cultural universally accepted ways of viewing gender


(by Ingrid Rizzolo Author of Splendor from Ashes)




16 thoughts on “Gender and Differences in Self-Perception

  1. You are right, according to sociological studies we do perceive our identities through gendered lens and while there is more equality between men and women then there was 50 years ago it is still not enough.We need to do more to stand up to men (and women) who are sexist and bash us or stereotype us on the account of our gender!


  2. Very interesting views, I do think that women tend to be more critical when viewing themselves than men do about themselves x


  3. Yes its a tricky one . As far as I’m concerned its still very much a man’s world, much as I hate to admit it. And as Ana said in the previous comment its certainly improving and equality between the sexes is definitely better than it was decades ago…. but we still have a long road to go.


  4. I completely agree these society-inflicted differences are often times the reason men are perceived to be stronger and hence they feel entitled to abuse women. It’s high time we women should stand for each other and support in times when men take us to be inferior.


  5. I never really thought about that. Although, my parents weren’t “traditional” in this way. My dad did just as much of the housework as my mom, sometimes more when she was going to school after having my sister and me.

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  6. I grew up in a traditional household with defined gender roles and it definitely shaped me. I have always worked full time to provide for my family, but every one of my needs have always come last to my husbands. I know that it is getting better with each generation and I am happy that there are many strong women.


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