Splendor From Ashes

On the other side of fear. Ingrid Rizzolo’s SplendorfromAshes turns tables on domestic violence to produce poetry at its emotive best.

33 thoughts on “Splendor From Ashes

  1. Splendor From Ashes looks like a great book. I will be sure to add it to my must read list. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  2. This looks like such a good book. It’s a really important topic, and sharing personal experiences will help other women in similar situations.


  3. It sounds interesting to read. I wonder if there is an audiobook version of it. I look foward to reading the book Splendor from Ashes.


  4. Thank you for shedding light to this issue with your love for the written word. You are a very brave woman for sharing this to the world and I only hope that people will be able to read your work and be filled with hope for the days to come.


  5. I think this is a very good step towards raising awareness on domestic violence and, hopefully, putting an end to it in the near future. I would love to read it and see how you’ve put together poetry and domestic violence together.


  6. Splendor from Ashes is a truly riveting work of art. Quite inspirational indeed. It touches the heart of the reader in revealing the ‘human stain’ of abuse- a must read.


  7. Domestic violence is such a stigma and a huge problem for families. I know that well as I suffer 5 years of it. Still is painful not sure if I could read the book but congrats on your journey, sending blessings.


  8. Poetry has always been something I have loved since I was a little girl. My grandfather wrote poems to my grandmother while he was fighting in WWII. Some of his poems got published that are amazing. It can be a form of therapy for so many. Splendor From Ashes is something I will have to read. Thanks for sharing this book.


  9. The Splendor is a great way to share awareness for anyone that has or is being abuse. The poetry really share how the abused feels and has over come. Thanks for sharing this awesome book.


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