Blossoming from the cracks


Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete…( Tupac Shakur).

Sometimes we find ourselves in hard spaces that could be likened to impenetrable concrete. But no situation is hopeless. Precedence has been set that demonstrates the possibility of finding a crack in our particular concrete from which to blossom. Who could have been less resourced than Harriet Tubman who found a way to rise above the hard concrete of slavery to create the freeing space of the underground railroad? Think of Oprah Winfrey who rose from the harsh situation of abuse to find a crack in which to blossom as a media mogul. Not to mention a friend of mine who was dubbed a misfit on account of the unusual clothes she created for herself but later turned it around to become a fashion designer in her own right. And then there is me. Finding a crack in my concrete I moved from being an abused broken mess to being a liberated woman embracing wholeness,  a new relationship, putting my kids through college, and obtaining an EdD.

rearview-mirror-2626476_960_720Indeed, we all have the option to rise from situations of dysfunction to embark on a migratory journey that has the capacity to sentence the harshness of the present to our rear-view mirrors. The journey begins when we reach for thoughts of transcendence. The resultant mitigating perspectives would then position us to locate cracks and initiate in us an upwardly spiraling movement to transition.  It is important to note that questing for cracks is most effective if initialized with an assessment of our situations in terms of where we are, who we know ourselves to be and our envisioned potential. However, this is not a quick fix but rather an evolutionary movement that is contiguous with our ability to visualize ourselves in fertile places.

trees-2385704_960_720Sometimes we may visualize freeing spaces but cannot access them in our own strength on account of our limited resources.  We may need to access resources beyond ourselves and outside of our comfort zones. In my case I reached for help beyond the self in prayer.

Finding cracks that will position us to relocate to spaces that will allow for our blossoming rose to come forth is also dependent on our ability to self-motivate. The required motivation could be courted by comparative backward and forward viewings of the self and using this self comparative information to construct an alternate identity.  Procuring the alternate blossoming identity is also a favored outcome of reflection and self assessment. Within these contexts resulting competencies along with feelings of achievement and self-efficacy will provide incremental platforms for further motivational inspiration. One’s personal perspectives should also be complemented by searching out and obtaining other efficacy information from different influencers for integration into the transcendent self. Becoming a rose that blossoms from a crack in the concrete is definitely within our grasp.

From the e author of Splendor from Ashes

30 thoughts on “Blossoming from the cracks

  1. This is so well written. Finding the crack is not always easy but blooming is so worth the journey. I think I’m finally on my way there and it’s a lovely feeling.

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  2. It’s amazing what having a positive outlook can do for you. To always remember that you will get through the hardships of today. It may not be tomorrow, or the next day, or even the next week. But you will persevere.


  3. For those of us who are searching for cracks, we need to trust that we can rely on others for guidance sometimes. Very importantly, we need to be there to support others going through the same process. We can find out best and bring out the best in others while we heal, grow and success.


  4. You have a beautiful writing style, and so inspiring by the way. I think sometimes we struggle to find our “crack in the concrete” because it takes courage and knowledge of ourselves, and that can be scary; prayer and meditation can help some people to get a better knowledge of themselves.


  5. What a wonderfully encouraging post. As someone who has overcome significant trials in life, I can really relate to the imagery of the rose blooming through the crack. I like to say I’m a thriver, not just a survivor, so I think it fits. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your victory!


  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, and even completely agreed with you. Oprah has set a great example of coming back to tough situations and glad to know even you yourself have been able to pull yourself together. You’re sending a strong message to a lot of women out there loosing hope. Lovely read!!


  7. I really enjoyed this reading. I am glad you emerged from your cracks. It’s funny, sometimes when I am in Atl traffic and am slowly going under the underpass, I’m always seeing plants and weeds grown through the cracks and I think ‘Ain’t God amazing’.


  8. Wonderful post, and so inspiring. You are so honest in your testimony, and that is refreshing. Thanks for sharing and inspiring others to ‘find their own crack’ to grow.


  9. I just did a project on this one,” The will to survive” which is kind of similar to this one. I find it interesting how a normal rose can have such ability to stand out, not because of its appearance nor its characteristics. It is because of the situation she’s put in, the environment,…the will to live and to move forward.


  10. Hi Ingrid, I just want to let you know I enjoyed reading this post. Very inspirational and just gave me that positive nudge to look at the brighter side of things and face challenges with confidence. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be stuck in a situation bec. we’re just too comfortable and we miss those cracks (opportunities) to thrive and grow.


  11. It’s amazing how much stronger we are, especially when life throws us those curveballs. And even though we want to just crumble, we can rise above it and really conquer life.


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