Abuse of the Innocent

Abuse of the Innocent

Sexual abuse is not about sex but is in fact an act of violence.  Sexual abusers are therefore common criminals and should be treated as such. These bullies feel they have entitlement to a woman’s body even when that woman is a child. Abuse of children is even worse than abuse of an adult woman. I don’t think it is possible to redeem anyone who sexually abuses an innocent child may that child be preteen, early teen or late teen.

These criminals target and groom the innocent for the perpetuation of the crime. Their means of operation are not unlike those of a property owner who would develop a property for a particular use. To them the children are merely valued as personal possessions/goods. In many instances the abuser is known to the family of the targeted child/preteen/ young teen. They then work to gain access to the child and obtain the child’s trust. Finally, they use the power behind their standing as adults to break down the defenses of their targets and get the children to submit to them. The children are then sworn to secrecy on threat of harm to themselves or family members. In this way the victims become trapped and imprisoned in a web of fear and silence. The perpetrator lives in the perverse satisfaction of a bully, with no thought for the impact on the innocent nor for the life they left in ruins. The silence of the lambs could be broken. It is time. Enough with closet suffering, closet pain, and closet guilt.

I wrote this poem on learning of the sexual abuse (more like rape) of a preteen at the hands of driver entrusted with the care of taking her to school. It is found in my book Splendor from Ashes on Amazon.com

I Did Not Know (2013)

I confess I did not know

of the breach of long ago,

and when I heard,

it pained me so

that tears refused to flow.

Stillborn tears are worst, you know.

They wrack your being in vain.

You cannot sleep,

you cannot rest,

for deeds you can’t redress.

Nightmarish thoughts

overrun my breast,

conjuring, tormenting,

protocol despising,

adjudicating for logic,

sense, and meaning,

with the philosophies of the best.

Hades’s life entombed

and threatening

in a young girl’s womb.

Breach, interruption,

society’s decimation,

deflowered Persephone

in need of a redefinition.

I can’t turn back the clock, my dear,

or murder the inspirer of fear,

but I relentlessly mourn all Persephones,

as though they were my own.


Written by Ingrid Rizzolo



12 thoughts on “Abuse of the Innocent

  1. I hate how sexual abuse and harassment is becoming more mainstream like it’s OKAY… But in a weird way we can all thank Harvey Weinstein for being a SKEEZE cause now more women are willing to stand up for themselves and speak out about their own experiences!


  2. I just don’t trust anyone with my children. Well that’s not true, I do trust a select few. Some say I’m overprotective, but there are so many stories!!


  3. This is such an awesome poem. Sexual abuse of children should be punished. and parent should be protecting by there parents.


  4. I can stay on your blog all day, reading. I wrote a blogpost recently titled “some daughters do have them” and i swear we observed the narrative from the same point of view. Wow! Well done sis!


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