A Woman Made Strong

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Woman made strong

Splendor From Ashes evokes emotions that would become etched in one’s mind forever.  From the opening pages, with open vulnerability a woman takes you into private spaces to intimate to you experiences of raw pain resulting from domestic violence. But ultimately the dust clears and  the curtains roll back to unveil the irrepressible spirit of woman made strong by her many breakings. In Splendor from  Ashes,  a collection of easy relatable poems, Rizzolo captures her journey to  tenacity .

Splendor from Ashes a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions recollected in positional stillness. A must read. Available at Amazon.com

60 thoughts on “A Woman Made Strong

  1. That’s interesting how you mentioned we are made stronger by our many breakings. I read that when we break bones in accidents that the new bone can grow and heal using the broken pieces. Kinda the same thing I think!


  2. I was in an abusive relationship a couple years ago and it was like I was being taught how much I WASN’T worth. It took me such a long time to redirect my thoughts and realize I was worth so much more than what he portrayed. Women are so powerful and I’m extremely thankful for finding that power at the right time. Thank you for this!


  3. Splendor From Ashes is indeed amazingly written and can be an inspiration to so many abused women everywhere. I do believe that woman are stronger from the things that break them. Thanks for sharing this awesome book.


  4. I will have to head over to Amazon to get a copy of this book. I have been looking for a new book to read. This sounds like a powerful read.


  5. I am truly embarrassed to admit my not reading an actual book in what feels like EONS! Uh, but seriously. I don’t know the last time I have because I am always on my computer reading. When I am not doing that, I want to be out on an adventure! Doing things that I could potentially one day put in a book myself!


  6. Splendor from Ashes sounds like an emotion-packed read. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll look for it on Amazon.


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