Splendor from Ashes: A Video


Splendor from Ashes evokes emotions that would become etched in your mind forever.  From the opening pages, with open vulnerability a woman takes you into her private spaces to intimate to you experiences of raw pain resulting from domestic violence. But ultimately the dust clears and the curtains roll back to unveil the irrepressible spirit of woman made strong by her many breakings. Ingrid Rizzolo chronicles this journey in easily relatable poems in her book Splendor from Ashes.

Splendor from Ashes by [Ingrid Rizzolo]


Splendor from Ashes : a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions recollected in positional stillness. A must read. Available at Amazon.com

Video of Splendor from Ashehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElTG_47hwwIs   






23 thoughts on “Splendor from Ashes: A Video

  1. Oh! You wrote the book?! Awesome sauce. Ingrid, I’m interested in writing a book. I’m thinking about a personal development, self-help, encouragement book. How do I start? What does the process look like? How do I do what you just did? Thank you for any help you can provide.


  2. This is a great book and I truly love the poems. Domestic violence is something I have dealt with in my past. These poems have so much raw emotion showing the reader the pain but also showing the survivor. Thanks for sharing this amazing book and the awareness.


  3. I love hearing reviews from others. Then I can make a smart decision if I want to read a book or not. This one sounds like a keeper!


  4. Once you break free, there is a new road that is so much better. I am happy you have written a book to share that message with other people. I especially like that it’s done through poetry.


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