A Crisis of Faith



I will like to share with you a poem from my book, Splendor from Ashes that depicts how domestic violence can also affect you that you may even experience a crisis of faith. The poem ” The Fight of Faith” captures the experience of what that feels like.

The Fight of Faith 

 A woman without a city,

without a space,

a job, a home,

a man,



to nothingness.


Choices of death,

choices of life

parade before her,

displaying their wares,

each tripping over the other

to make the stakes higher,

to outbid each other.

Wooing and courting,

they come in their finest,

in this market place of the perhaps lost.


Tantalizingly death parades before her,

crowding out the voice of her God,

of her church,

almost wiping from her

the faces of her children,

whose eyes caress her

even now

-as she stands in contemplation with

voluntary oaths of unconditional love.


This makes her shamed,

shamed by the thoughts that sabotage her mind—

a faithless woman

on the verge of bringing her God

to roll in the dust of slander and ridicule.

Goaded by the wicked, witchy fiend

whirling scalding curses at her,

biting and scratching, spitting fire,


No, never!


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