A Cry of Spiritual Distress



I will like to share with you a poem from my book, Splendor from Ashes that depicts how domestic violence can also affect you that you may even experience something like a crisis of faith which is really a cry of distress. Eventually you hold onto faith with your last breath and is sufficient to empower the transformation of a seemingly hopeless situation. The poem ” The Fight of Faith” captures the experience of what that feels like.

The Fight of Faith 

 A woman without a city,

without a space,

a job, a home,

a man,



to nothingness.


Choices of death,

choices of life

parade before her,

displaying their wares,

each tripping over the other

to make the stakes higher,

to outbid each other.

Wooing and courting,

they come in their finest,

in this market place of the perhaps lost.


Tantalizingly death parades before her,

crowding out the voice of her God,

of her church,

almost wiping from her

the faces of her children,

whose eyes caress her

even now

-as she stands in contemplation with

voluntary oaths of unconditional love.


This makes her shamed,

shamed by the thoughts that sabotage her mind—

a faithless woman

on the verge of bringing her God

to roll in the dust of slander and ridicule.

Goaded by the wicked, witchy fiend

whirling scalding curses at her,

biting and scratching, spitting fire,


No, never!


67 thoughts on “A Cry of Spiritual Distress

  1. Domestic violence is an abuse of human rights. And fight of faith is something unique to this earth life. Nice poem. Thanks for sharing!


  2. This is such a huge issue and problem everywhere! I pray that women will find their strength and courage to rise up against this and find a way to leave these situations and make better lives for themselves.


  3. This sounds powerful. It’s a shame that so many are affected by domestic violence. I’m glad it’s spoken about more often now so people can get the help they need.


  4. Violence in any form physically or emotionally, etc. should not be tolerated, ever. It is not acceptable. If you are in the situation you should get out fast or you’ll question your own faith which should not be the first place.


  5. Faith is something fragile when you are hurt. It’s important to meditate on the real problem and find the best solution for yourself.


  6. This is a very beautiful poem, it really communicates how you were feeling and your struggle. Domestic violence can be so damaging but I am so glad that you got through this and came out stronger and focused on what’s important to you.


  7. I’m in love with your expression. It’s true that the choices are hard to make, but then it’s all about fighting for them. Your verse on death parading by is rather touching. Cheers!!


  8. It makes me just so sad when I hear about domestic violence cases. It shouldnt happen period. Going through those things, I can only imagine how much it can put a strain on everything including your faith.


  9. Domestic violence is an abuse of human rights. And fight of faith is something unique to this Earth life. Nice poem. Thank you for sharing this!


  10. What a lovely poem. Domestic violence is such a hidden topic in our world. I only hope that as time goes on and more awareness is made we can identify and help more people who suffer from this.


  11. Wow, that was powerful. I have a entire new outlook on domestic violence this year. You see my friend wasn’t screamed at on that awful day. She wasn’t pushed or shoved, slapped or kicked. No punched flew to her face. It was a bullet to her head and now she is no more. My friend is gone, her children are separated with no parents. Only God can help, but will they ask?


    1. I mourn her death with you. Domestic Violence need to be treated as domestic terrorism and fittingly dealt with. It needs to stop. Trust me she died many times before her death. It is like living with death every day. I am so sorry there was such a sad ending. We who are left behind must do something about it. You can read similar poems of my experiences and feelings about domestic violence in my book “Splendor from Ashes” on Amazon.com.


  12. This is a really emotional poem. Thank you for sharing it with us, speaking out can be a real healer and also help so many other people.


  13. What a beautiful piece of writing, you expressed it so well, it is really touching. Domestic violence is an evil in the society which first makes you weak, and then, with faith and prayer, it strengthens and gives you courage.


  14. Strong words. A women trapped without a way out. No hope, without a future in sight. I wish there was more that could be done for women to know it will be OK if you leave. Leaving is the hardest thing to do.


    1. That was years ago. It takes while for a victim to heal before you can commit you vulnerabilities to paper. And yes it was hard to leave. I can’t think why? I’ll have to ponder on this. Thanks for raising the question. Meanwhile you can read similar poems on the topic in my book Splendor from Ashes available on Amazon.com


  15. Domestic violence is such a hard thing to go through. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, but I think that creating something out of a hard situation (like poetry) is a lovely way to try and heal. ❤


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