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 Enjoy a Splendor from Ashes promotional video 

Splendor from Ashes evokes emotions that would become etched in your mind forever. From the opening pages, with open vulnerability a woman takes you into her private spaces to intimate to you experiences of raw pain resulting from domestic violence


Author of Splendor from Ashes

37 thoughts on “Book Promotion video

  1. I amglad you could turn a tramatic experience into an empowering one. Domestic Violence is real and this looks like a book of healing.


  2. I always love it when women find the empowerment within themselves to bring awareness to such important issues. If the truth be known, domestic violence has touched all of us in some way or another; whether it’s happened directly to us or whether we’ve watched someone else experience it. Kudos to you for sharing.


  3. Looks like an interesting book and I liked your review. Not having read it and judging by the cover, I say I might enjoy this one. And I’m picky^^

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  4. that was a really amazing video to promote the book! last year i really tried to get back into reading and I fell short but I might have to throw this one into the mix of the others I have waiting on me!


  5. Domestic Violence is something that is sometimes hushed, when it shouldn’t be. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, talking about it is something that should be encouraged more often even if its through literature. Thanks for sharing, this book sounds very intense and interesting!

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  6. That was a great video and I’m interested in reading this. Domesitc violence hasn’t been on the forefront enough with the plethora of issues regarding power and control. I’m happy to see a book (of poetry nonetheless) dedicated to the issue.


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