Royal Coupling and the Courage to love


Meagan Markle and Prince Harry Engaged

Royal Coupling and the Courage to Love

There is no universal definition of love but these two young people, Meagan Markle and Price Harry seem to have lost themselves or found themselves in each other from the look of things. It took courage for Meagan Markle to make the decision to love a royal. But then fear is the birthing place of courage for one can only become courageous when fear is present.

New BuckinghamPalace-e

Courage should not be equated with the absence of fear. I am sure they both have their fears; they would be ignorant no to.  It took courage for a black woman to set her sights on one of the inhabitants of the cold palatial walls of Buckingham palace. Similarly, for a royal to court a black woman was previously unheard of. unimaginable prior to now. For some this amounts to the breaking of a taboo.  (According to a taboo is a social or religious custom that prohibits or forbids a particular practice.) Some may even consider the relationship profane, while others like me consider it may consider it to be holy- a sign from the Heavens. What is apparent is that at 36 this divorcee, Megan Markle, summed up sufficient courage to step on stereotypes of all genres to claim a forbidden love.

prince-harry-meghan-markle at a game

It took a lot of courage on their behalf to choose to be each other/ to make this love choice. All of uswho have loved before are aware that it takes courage to love but we can appreciate it takes greater courage to love against huge divides. They have entered this relationship knowing their lives will no longer be the same. They would no longer be able to do what they want because of who she is now and will become and what she would come to represent.

Positions of Vulnerability and Couragemegahn and the press 2

Meanwhile the press and the enchanted crowd of witnesses like an evolving circus try to box them into certain expectations; reading and manipulating every nuance of their lives, and crucifying them for failing to live up to preconceived expectations of which they maybe unaware. I guess this is the burden of royal coupling. Last words to Megan and her prince, “Be strong and of A GOOD COURAGE”.

Ingrid Rizzolo author of Splendor from Ashes






23 thoughts on “Royal Coupling and the Courage to love

  1. You know Meghan is really welcomed to the Royal family. I can see the good responses from her. Prince Harry is really lucky!


  2. I can’t imagine what it is like for anyone having to marry into the royal family, they are a family with such traditions and people have so many expectations from them. I hope they both have a long and happy life together.


  3. It will be interesting to follow their journey in the New Year. One thing is for sure, they form a very powerful couple.


  4. I love your post. It is realistic and not the least judgemental like most of the other I read about them. I agree with you that it takes courage to do what they’re doing. I wish them good luck!


  5. I like that your article talks about courage. I completely agree on how courageous one must be to willingly marry a royal and take on the life that comes along with that. I can’t imagine the stress that would entail and truly admire those that are able to live that life. btw they make a beautiful couple ❤


  6. Lovely post, I truly enjoyed every minute of the royal wedding, although it was slightly bittersweet. I fear it may a while before see one again, so I soaked in every moment. It was also great to see the Queen and Prince Phillip out and about, although I fear it may be one of his last big public appearances since he is 97 next month.


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