Audio Slideshow: “We Are”

3 black girlsA Slide show to accompany the reading of!ArtqrYWVxxCUwTwor4uwS--aNbQ7

Click on the link above to view the slide show that accompanies the reading of We are a poem found in my book Splendor from Ashes available on The poem can also be found below:

We Are (2004)

They are not statistics. They are flesh and blood; in fact they are my beloved. I’ll slaughter you if you try to put them on that list. A crazed bull, a sniper’s fire, a terrorist by night will be identifiably tame by comparison if you touch my progeny. Don’t tell me who I am. Don’t tell them who they are. We are who we say we are. We are not statistics on some eloquent politician’s tongue or mere figures to be juggled on and off a “nuclear threat  list”. We are not who you force us to be by your fancy rules and your atrophied sociological theories. We defy you and you and you—blood sucking, stereotyping, witch-hunting theorists prostituting identities and futures to your apathetic, lethargic, slothful psychology in your eagerness for acclaim. We name ourselves, and we are whom we tell you we are, and not what your forced-ripe theories label us to be.

18 thoughts on “Audio Slideshow: “We Are”

  1. Lovely poem, I love those bold words that you’ve used. I can make a musical note for this and make it as lyrics of the song. I love that part when you mentioned atrophied sociological theories. You have a great talent! keep going!


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