Blogging Celebration: Unto 2018


This video I celebrate five months of blogging. I also wish to express my appreciation for the support of dear my family and readers as I trudged along.  The journey has included a lot of accidental learning but I look forward to even better outcomes in 2018.

Brenda fixed my book cover

With your support I will continue to blog in promotion of my book Splendor from Ashes (available at I wish you all the best for 2018



57 thoughts on “Blogging Celebration: Unto 2018

  1. How exciting to have published a book! Congratulations! Many good wishes are sent your way for continued happiness, success and prosperity in 2018.


  2. Ingrid, from your poems, I can already tell your book will give twice as much impact if not more. You have a way of relaying the message in a very thought-proviking yet sophisticated way. Wish you the best with everything


  3. congrats on your five months of blogging it is a great milestone, keep it up! Amazing what you learn in five months how much you grown, your blog grows and the content you are sharing! Great way to ring in the new year!


  4. Oh wow, I love that you wrote a book. I’ve always wanted to but haven’t had the courage to do it yet. I’ll check out your book and add it to my wishlist so when I place an order for more, it will be there. I read often.


  5. Aw I love the video you shared…you look so happy! what song is that? it is beautiful. That is amazing that you have a poetry book!!!!!! congratulations and thank you for sharing all of your experiences with the world ❤


  6. “It is nice to know that you have been continuously blogging. I know friends and family helped a lot. I am sure that’s a good book.


  7. Wow what a lot you have achieved, and a book too – amazing! I have plans to bring out a book this year, I just need to find a little more time to finish it! I will look yours up!

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  8. Congratulations to you on this big step for year 2018, just five months and you have already achieve such great success! more and more blessing for you this year. Thank you for inspiring other and especially me, I’ll work hard to be as good as you maybe launch my own blog book as well why not. Great job!

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