Panther women:a symbolic militancy



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A new woman is born

The portrayal of women in the Black Panther movie seems to be aimed at confronting and redefining myths, and at questioning long held beliefs of causation in an attempt to engage in the reshaping of myths that contributed to the imprisonment of the female psyche. The female characters have strayed from typical textual representations of women. Stereotypical notions of women are ‘garbaged’ as the Women of the Panther break the calcified molds of what women are supposed to be. The women of Wakanda are not presented through the narrow lenses of virgins and victims, women innocent of worldly life, seductresses/vixens and old maids, witches and nags but as women of strength and empowerment who fight with and for their men. It’s a new interface from which they engage with their contexts.



This new militancy finds its parallel in the fearlessness of the women in the “Me Too’ movement which is recalibrating and hence defining for us the status of the new woman. This new woman possesses a fearlessness definitive of certain militancy that affords her the ability to stand up and confront the big and powerful patriarchy. Unlike the feminism of the past this is not a physical militancy but a psychological one. These women do not internalize the male idea of the feminine but create for themselves rejuvenated shapes and ideas that fit with their collective truths.

new woman

As newly minted social historians they refuse to settle for retelling of historical events from the perspective of being “othered”. They are re-evaluating and rewriting the stories they were forced to tell and accept as truths about themselves. Empowered by the stories of the collective as  they transact with texts of other women and share their own texts on social media a new woman is born. A new woman is born who is not ashamed to tell her truth or to own her truth, ridding herself of guilt in the process. Through this process of radical constructivism women are making of meaning from their collective experiences as they journey towards self re-definition. Hail the rise of the women of the Panther, the possessers of a new militancy!!!

Written by Dr Ingrid Rizzolo the author of Splendor from Ashes available at Amazon .com. Click on the link to purchase


To be continued



31 thoughts on “Panther women:a symbolic militancy

  1. This is a really interesting subject to reflect on. I haven’t seen the movie Black Panther myself yet, but my girlfriend loved it and recommended it. Might be a very good reason for it. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


  2. I have not seen the movie yet, but it’s on my list. I hope to see it soon. But I’ve heard so much about the courage and power of the women in the movie which is a nice change. I look forward to seeing it soon.


  3. This is absolutely true and a much needed change. I have not seen this movie but Superwoman is my favorite character for similar reasons, because she took charge of bringing in a change and standing up for what she absolutely believed in,single-handedly, in era dominated by men. We are not yet where we should be, but we are slowly and steadily getting there! Cheers..


  4. We have to move away from women as only mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives. But above all these women are and always were warriors. All across time, and all around the globe, they brandished swords and guns, fought battles, and faced off with men.


  5. I loved Black Panther. I think the women were amazing. They were who they were….beautiful, strong, sensitive, caring, vulnerable and capable of extraordinary things.


  6. Such a powerful message. To see women portrayed outside of the stereotypical roles was amazing and right on with the time of empowerment we are in.


  7. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m curious about it now. However, I’m not really keen about today’s neo-feminism. It’s no longer about equality, but about supremacy. I hope the movie doesn’t fall into this side.


  8. I saw this movie on opening night and I absolutely fell in love with it. I was such a fan of the comic book when I was a kid and I remember reading them over and over again.

    Great post! x



  9. I love black panther as I think it’s so good to show another community and show really strong women x


  10. I can’t say I’ve seen the film but it does sound like it represents the journey women have come in over the past 100 years for sure, I love the whole empowerment movement and believing in each other and giving the modern women a new form of voice


  11. I haven’t seen this movie yet but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I hope it sticks with the promotion of equality rather than the supremacy of women over men that seems to have taken over lately


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