No Entiendo





I will like to share the poem “No Entiendo” with you. It  is taken from my book Splendor from Ashes. It was written as I contemplated my journey with its various high points and fair amount of challenges and the seeming comparative inadequacy of my responses. I hope it sets you thinking.

No Entiendo (2012)
gazing toward the horizon
with youthful investments of confidence that
in time we will understand. Get a handle on the puzzle.
Be better at strategizing
for living and loving and being.
Surely like fine wine wisdom will increase in the school of aging.
Surely early stumblings will decline
in the midst of the unfolding surge.

poised mid-staircase, we’ve still not arrived
’cause we’re still locked on the platform of reaching,
locked in the embrace of youthful yearning
for life’s beautiful things: understanding and clarity
which we no more possess than when we first began.
At the finish as at the start,
we’re condemned soldiers of the dark,
questing for that ever receding light.

Abstractions from “No Entiendo”

confused math lady

Abstractions from “No Entiendo”

The Inadequacy of Subjective Reasoning

Sometimes we think that insight gained as a result of overcoming one challenge would make the next issue we face more intelligible. However, when confronted with the next issue our learning proves to be inadequate and we are again floored. Is it that human reasoning is utterly deficient and therefore not to be trusted? Why is it that when we attempt to bring scrutiny to our logical processes by introspective analysis we still feel like life is an unintelligible abstract concept,  beyond our grasp?

confused andd on phone-


As noted in “No Entiendo” it is logical to think that with experience in the process of time one would be able to accurately abstract the principles/rules by which to understand the puzzle that is life itself. Yet even with years of experience we shudder at the daunting errors we make as we seek to identify life’s signposts and signifiers? Why does life continue to be vague and ambiguous and largely undefined? Is it that life itself transcends any ideas we may have so that as the Bible says we are condemned to be “ever learning and never coming to an understanding of the truth/life?

Probable vs Actual

Since our journey seems, to be limited by subjective understandings then perhps there is really an objective understanding that we should be reaching for. Then perhaps we need to step outside of the subjective realm of understandings  so that we can access objective understandings. Access to more objective understandings can only constitute a real and fuller picture for arrival at greater mental clarity. Accuracy of arrival at this position should help us to more effectively determine causation and its effects  which need to be grasped in order  for us to loop over the tragic/empty  spaces that place limitations on our understandings. Only then would we be able to establish the difference between the probable and the actual, which are key to moving from the darkness of mis-understanding and the  unintelligible, to well lighted spaces of understanding.

From  Dr. Ingrid Rizzolo the author of  Splendor from Ashes

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