The Abyss

The Abys with pictureThe poem; The Abyss reflects the impact of domestic violence on the psyche of the victim. And, although this happened years ago I can recall the impact as if it were yesterday. However, writing provides catharsis and further healing for me and I hope it will do the same for other hurting people.

The Abyss (2003)

There comes a time

when you give and you give,

and then you can give no more.

So the decision is made

to do what you can.

But you being you,

you do and you do

and you fight and you fight


You become estranged from yourself.

You step outside of you

and wonder who you are.

You find that you are a stranger

looking at your children,

and you are alienated

from the pain or laughter they bring,

for you don’t want to feel.

 Everything is being drained,

drained from you.

You wish that something would snap

and pop inside of you,

hurling you into oblivion

or to times of laughter—and soon.

You don’t want to think, think, think,

for thinking seduces you

and reduces you,

and you fall like a dwarf

before the Goliath of your thoughts.

Taken from my book “Splendor from Ashes” available at amazon



15 thoughts on “The Abyss

  1. Wow! Beautiful poetry. I love to meet people/women who do what I do. I write against domestic violence, patriarchy gender in fiction and non fiction format on my blog. You should also check it out. Thanks for sharing this, love your talent.


  2. This is beautiful and really captures how it sometimes feels as a mom. There are times where it really does feel that you can’t give anymore. Thanks for sharing!


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