The Dwarf and Domestic Violence


The Dwarf words

The entire poem and similar others can be found in Splendor from Ashes

by Ingrid Rizzolo



27 thoughts on “The Dwarf and Domestic Violence

  1. Thank you for sharing the poem. They say those who hurt others, do it because they are insecure and want to feel the control and power over another. ‘advice me if i am wrong’, but, is it not better for the victim to sound dignified and strong to take away from the predator, the one addition which is power/ control. Having see this happen to a family member, the predator never feels remorse. So letting them know you are destroyed by them and fear them fuels that feeling making them crave more of it? (this does not mean fight them back.


  2. Domestic violence is never ok and picturing the woman shrinking in the face of her abuser is such a sad image to conjure. I do hope that more people raise awareness of abuse and the fact that you did it through a metaphorical poem was extremely powerful to read.


  3. These powerful, moving words elicit strong emotions. Thank you for bringing us in to the experience of it all.


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