A Narcissistic Boss


Aggressive Ethnicities (2013)

Aggressive ethnicities,

not race but class,

jump-starts this vendetta.

Cain-envy, that’s the story.

Crying shame, Abel’s not to blame.

You are your own fierce pain.

Cataclysmic sounds

scream from your underworld;

guttural cultural sounds

destroy, in any event

stifle the great.

Camaraderie linguistics,

collaborative putrefying hums

imminent birth abort, distort,

noblesse threat to crush.


Ghetto halo winging it,

competencies unimpressive,

etymologies of insecurity—

unquestionably, Mafioso eccezionale.

As Narcissus, prostituting other love for self-love,

your reflection in the pool must see,

else soulless gaze transforms to worthless stones.

I, Perseus, have you pegged.

This and similar poems found in my book Splendor from Ashes

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30 thoughts on “A Narcissistic Boss

  1. Interesting. You have many themes going. I am not sure what they all mean, but I am sure you have lots of thought behind it all. Congrats for publishing your book.


  2. Such a nice poem and that books looks so interesting and a good to read. I will definitely try to read it to know the details of the story.


  3. wow what an amazing post and it’s been a while since I’ve read really good poetry; something about the rhthym and choice of words makes this stand out to me; this was a good one “else soulless gaze transforms to worthless stones.”


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