girl at crossroads


When you face your truth then writing becomes self revelatory and hence a painful experience. Ultimately, you resolve the matter by admitting that it was your truth at the time, but you have grown away from that once held position and are continuously evolving towards an elevated plane.

I share with you my poem Crossroads.

Crossroads and  similar poems found in my book Splendor from Ashes


My God! My God!

Why hast thou dealt so harshly with me?

Why hast thou forsaken me?

Why? Why?

O God of my childhood,

sweet gentle Jesus,

I had not known you thus.

Why are pain and unhappiness

constant residents of my being?

God, remember how we were

intimate once, You and I?

I was the lamb frisking

in the green pastures of your presence.

We communed then,

You and I,

while all heaven looked on.

It was good then, so good, Lord.

Now visions of the grave rise

before my eyes and scare me.

Every moment I fear the end,

for in the menace’s eye

is the ominous presence of death.


And what is left?

A God who seems absent,

abuse from within and without

at the hand of a stranger—lover and brother.

Oh, my God, it never stops.

I’m the cornered fawn,

forever retreating

before the heinous hounds of hell.

I’ll be good, I say to the menace,

but that’s not enough—

nothing I do is ever enough.

I weep in the shackling gloom

22 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. Very talented writing! I believe that God paves the way for all of us through this journey we call life. Excellent poem.


  2. I love poetry because it taps into a somewhat private part of us as writers. And I think this poem is great.


  3. This poem is very touchable something everyone they already move on! But always pray and believe in GOD! Beautiful poem❤️


  4. This is a beautiful poem, and I can totally related to some of it on what’s going on in my life right now.


  5. Interesting perspective of the poem. I guess many people feel abandoned by God as they get older. Wondering why their life is so hard, so full of turmoil, so full of challenge. Perhaps God has placed it before them to see how they respond. Or perhaps they put it in front of themselves as they turned from God without knowing it. Either way, I find it interesting how people may view their relationship or lack thereof with God!


  6. Very inspiring and truthful poem. Everybody can relate and be guided with this. Loved the essence it gives.


  7. Beautiful!! I tell people they will never really know another struggles until it happens to them only then will you grow not only to understand but as a person. Keep up the amazing work!!


  8. Beautiful thought…everyone reaches the crossroad of life…when time comes to finally cross over but the heart and mind lings to stay on forever
    Lovely message


  9. Sometimes we come across our life’s crossroads, and that is quite tough. But we got to do something faster, because no one wants to just wait in the middle. No chickening.


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