Sometimes life and love comes with painful, shaping disappointments. However we can idealize away from pain into resilience and strength.

scripting (10)

This is an excerpt from the opening poem “Scripting” found in my book Splendor from Ashes


98 thoughts on “Scripting

  1. I’ll have to check out the book one of these days. I always make it a point to read more at he beginning of the year. It seems like you are super talented at what you do


  2. Wow! I believe that a good author is the one that writes from the heart. I will check out your book. I am sure it will be very inspiring.


  3. I have been writing poetry since childhood. I have kept it all private despite being a writer for decades, somehow my poetry is only for myself. I love to read poetry though, and it’s been awhile since I have read anything by emerging poets. It has also been awhile since I have written any poetry myself this will definitely inspire me to do so.


  4. wow, that is beautiful darling! reminds me of when i used to write poetry for fun in my younger days. you are inspiring me to get back into it!


  5. I like how you refer to life as a chameleon. This is indeed true. I also believe in the sovereignty of God and that is why we must be born again to inherit eternal life. Powerful!


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