The Penitent 2

eunice-lituanas-242757-unsplash (1) repent

pic by eunice lituans

The Penitent (2004)

My God, I relent.

What did I not do right?

Which t’s did I not cross? Which i’s left I undotted?

Was I too haughty, ambitious, proud?

Please tell me, Lord.

I might have erred in ignorance.

For my errors I want to atone,

so that the pain will cease.

I hate myself for being weak,

for being pain’s unrelenting prey.

Shine forth your light in the valley

of this approaching death

that masks true faith

in the circularity of its jagged labyrinth.

Is there no absolution,

no healing for the penitent?

Why are wounds still raw,

routinely reopened,

exposing pink flesh to fresh infections?


This poem can be found in my book Splendor from Ashes


45 thoughts on “The Penitent 2

  1. Poetry can have such a way of communicating deep thoughts and emotions. It’s a great creative outlet too. Great work.


  2. I love poetry. I’m always fascinated by how the posts weave words to convey emotions and ideas. More oil to your own.


  3. Yes!! I love to see bloggers out there sharing the sovereignty of our God and the amazing ways He still works miracles in this life. He is present at all times. Thank you for your story and your book sounds amazing. I will be checking it out.


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