It’s My Dream Not Yours

black doll for dreams-1939357_1920Dreams 

I live your dreams,
And, oh, how I want to live mine.
Your dreams are not as sublime,
are not easy on the span of my mind.

Dreams, scientific, methodical,
incongruous weighty dreams—
your anchored and balanced dreams
sure don’t fit in with mine.

Dreams mirror the truer self.
My dreams are light and freeing,
infectious and idiosyncratic.
So unyoke my dreams;
my spirited bulls of Miura.

The truth is I would be fine
if you would allow me a slot
to define my own space in my own time,
to walk leisurely with the grace
to change my mind.

I need the privilege,
the easing out of tight ridges,
of ideas unprepared
and not quite decided.

I have the need to clear my desk,
without the burden of redress.
Get rid of the clutter,
and with each new dawn,
craft the path of the reborn,
with dreams unplagiarized,
not borrowed, boxed, or generic,
and courage to revel
or put the gears in reverse.
I’ve lived your dreams,
And, oh, how I want to live mine.

This poem can be found in my book Splendor from Ashes





24 thoughts on “It’s My Dream Not Yours

  1. Beautiful and impactful words and they most certainly express emergence throughout. I felt very connected to your poem as though it was my own thoughts expressed.


  2. I can relate to this!
    I had lived to make my parents happy and live their dream for me, putting aside mine (because it wasn’t stable so they didn’t want me to go for my dream). It took me having a near death experience to change me and stop living someone else dream and to live mine… Live is precious and short, we ought to live it happily doing what we LOVE!
    Nice poem!


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