This is what love is

My Valentine

Do you remember the time my dear? To the love of my life on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

He Says

I hear her typing.
I know she’s home
and all is well.
My heart sings in harmony with hers.
She is doing what she loves.
I feel her freeing
as she reaches for herself.
In her reaching she stretches me.
I descend the stairs
to the immediacy of her smile.
The adoration I see in her eyes
makes my manhood soar.
The self, reflected back to me in her eyes,
is a genius, a partner and friend.
It’s a commitment to the end.
For in her eyes I’m a man of stature;
Atlas in psychological musculature.

My evolving mission’s the emancipation,
after the detonation and the blast,
twinned to the life that was past.
Composite integrity blending,
we’re making each other whole.
Luxuriating in dreaming,
in forgiving,
And like art
forever enduring.
I hear her typing.
I know we’re home
and all is well.

This poem can be found in my book Splendor from Ashes


54 thoughts on “This is what love is

  1. What gorgeous words! Especially loved “The self, reflected back to me in her eyes, is a genius, a partner and friend.”


  2. Great poem. I particularly like this part “The adoration I see in her eyes
    makes my manhood soar.” It’s really nice to see someone you love to look at you endearingly.


  3. I believe my husband could say the same…if I am home, I am probably working. I need to come up with another way for my husband to know that I am home. My perfume?


  4. What a lovely and inspiring poem. You really convey the hard work and life of a writer, embraced by her living man.


  5. Those familiar sounds, smells, and feelings are what makes a place feel like home. It’s wonderful you take the time to notice the smaller things.


  6. I love your poetry. You have an incredible ability to weave words together into something that really makes an impact on the heart.


  7. This is so beautiful! It’s those every day, little things, like hearing her typing away that can just hit you with feeling. My husband says it’s when he sees me painting, so I totally relate to this piece.


  8. What a beautiful way to look at an everyday, mundane moment. It reminds me of Poe and how he livens up what would otherwise be seen as boring or typical.


  9. Lovely poem. It was a great read today. I have to get a copy of your book. It is full of inspiring poems that touches the heart.


  10. What a beautiful poem, perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day of the week. Your book looks so intriguing, would love to get a copy of it to read more


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