The Gaze

Gaze by oladimeji-odunsi-415606-unsplash (3)

The Gaze


Colored eyes seeing

Yet unseeing

Refuses to acknowledge me

What we’ve been

What I have been

Who I am

Just like that.


My questioning gaze

Sneaks under your skin

Our eyes meet

Mine questions

Yours fall

Yours give no answers

Refusing to answer


In refusing to answer

You deny me

You deny possibilities


In your response please say what you think is happening in the poem

Or Please describe an experience you had that was similar

From the author  of Splendor from Ashes



29 thoughts on “The Gaze

  1. Honestly, I just like reading the words. I’m not too much into poetry or tried to really figure out if there’s a deeper message within it.


  2. Your words are so well written! It sounds a little sad; like you are hurt and trying to work through your feelings with a loved one?


  3. Absolutely beautiful. My interpretation is that it is about someone not seeing my personal worth and not taking a risk in diving in and knowing what I have to offer. “You deny me, you deny possibilities.”


  4. Hmm…sound like they both know each other. Maybe they had a breakup? Soeey 🙈 I always needed an explanation with poetries.


  5. I feel like this is about a breakup. It’s that moment when you realize that the person standing in front of you just doesn’t see who you are – that they aren’t interested in seeing who you are.


  6. What I am thinking is, this is a chance encounter, but by refusing to make eye contact, a possible relationship is lost.


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