Headed for Dystopia

Headed for Dystopia

When fascism is allowed to rise

And its proponents described

As a bunch of fine people

Then your Utopia is my dystopia

And we are heading for a dystopian society


When one man kills 60 in cold blood

And we have to search for a term to describe him

We are heading for dystopia

And when we go back to business as usual

The evening  after

We are heading for dystopia


When a 29 year old mows down  innocent people

In the name of the caliphate

And thinks God is pleased

We are headed for dystopia

When a fifteen year old is suffering from schizophrenia

Before he has had a chance to live

We are headed to dystopia


When a minute to glitter on the silver screen

Is the carrot on the stick

The lure of well- dressed

well-heeled predators in palatial homes

With palatial reach, and political clout

We are headed for dystopia


When Hollywood hides predators

Behind its smoke and mirror shows

And becomes a cover for people without a core

When its producers with ease of conscience

Monetarily erase deviance

And are still allowed to score big

On international screens galore

We are headed for dystopia


When some states are equal

But others are more equal

And animal farm is the white house lawn

With opposing views castigated

As incendiary rhetoric

Then with broken hearts we concede

We are in a dystopian society



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